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    Hello All like you guys I own a windows phone 7 and from the very first day of having the device I fell in love.

    Being a gamer all my life i decided to learn C# XNA and try to create some games of my own!

    With only 3 months under my belt for programming I manage to create 2 games.

    This game is called Rain Will Fall! My first real effort! (My first game is Heavenly Skies)!

    Anyway I released 2 versions a free one with (No Ads) and a Paid Version).

    What makes this game special is the Multiplayer Mode!

    1 Feature that need alot of work is the ability to look for online opponents in other modes ( Story Mode)... when an opponent is found you will be connected automatically and the multiplayer session will start!

    Since there's no ads in the Free version I am not making anything off of this. Making this game was very fun and Would like you all to check it out. I want to improve on this game and would love any feedback!

    There will be weekly updates for improvements and extra content.

    Some people might like it others might think its garbage.. But for the most part I'm still fairly new to programming and have alot to learn!

    UPDATE - I'm noticing some bugs... in the multiplayer mode and is fixing them now... Of course this means you will see a dramatic update hopefully by Friday!

    Any suggestions and feed back is greatly appreciated! This game is for us the Windows Phone 7 community!

    What this also mean is.. I have decided to add other character sprites So for instance...

    When the game is first launched for the first time you will be asked for a Multiplayer Name just once. This name will be used for Multiplayer session as well as Leaderboard! Now depending on the user name you input for the first time, you will be able load a different sprite(Player)

    For instance if my Multiplayer name is Mario - then when I start multiplayer session My character sprite will be Mario - (Nintendo Mario) and whoever your opponent is will see that character as well!

    So if you guys want... You can send me a message simply saying what username you will be using (can be any as well as what sprite you want to use).

    This game is exclusive for Windows Phone 7!

    Thank you everyone for reading... here's an example -

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    01-03-2012 05:39 PM