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    Lightning-fast grocery checklist. Features a sleek, simple single-list interface, that makes creating a grocery checklist simple and intuitive, rather than an annoying pen-and-paper chore. Any items created are automatically remembered for next time use through the "edit list" function, so you don't have to keep typing the same items. Frequently purchased items can also be labeled as "recurring" items, so they are automatically added to new lists without you manually telling the app to do so.

    Lightning-fast app performance, with very little waiting or loading times.
    Convenient rolling check list of grocery items that can be checked off as they're purchased on the next grocery visit.
    "Count" feature which tells the list how many of a certain item to purchase.
    "Recurring" feature which enables you to set frequently purchased items (such as milk, orange juice, bread, etc) as "recurring" items, which will reappear on every new list.
    Can automatically create a new list, with or without recurring items.
    Previously used items are saved, so that you can convenient re-add them later on using the "Edit List" function.
    Convenient "Send" feature, which can send the whole grocery list to a friend or family member, with or without items that have already been checked off.
    Convenient "Notes" section of grocery list, where you can type in notes to help you remember things for your next grocery visit.

    App price: 0.99 USD
    Includes 14-day trial.

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    Any comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome =)
    01-05-2012 02:22 PM