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    Get bothered when texting emoji?
    Get confused cause the keyboard didn't shows you the preview icon?
    Afraid of sending wrong icon as the SMS only shows what you've sent?

    No more mistakes!
    No more hesitation!

    [+]EMOJI shows you all the icons intuitively!
    Only 1 click, your emoji is ready!

    *Including all the icons wp7 & live messager support.
    *Possibility to capture the very emoji you looking for at only one glance.
    *Designed by Snack Studio, provides you the most beautiful interface.
    *Graceful interaction experience.
    *Unlocked all the emoji icon witch also supported by iPhone and other devices, maker your communication unlimited(Promised for next version).

    Further more, if you are a real fans of snack studio and keep using our product for 30days, we will get you app purchased(as a gift??).


    Shot this with you Bing!

    01-08-2012 02:37 AM