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    MetroRadio is the first Pandora 3rd party application on Windows Phone 7. The app has all the important features from Pandora, such as: Streaming stations, likeing/dislikeing songs, making new stations, album art, and many more...

    This app is Mango optimized; it will run in the background.
    This app will be updated periodically.

    Change log:
    *Auto login added.
    *Fixed issue with starting a station while another one is already playing.
    *Fixed issue with login.
    *Added more search results.
    *Added "Now Playing" station.
    *Changed the way the app gets its music.
    *Faster loading.
    *UI improvments.
    *Removed the 20 songs limitation.
    *Added Pin to start for stations.

    V3.1 Change Log:
    *Added Live Tile for the main app, and for each individual pinned station.
    *Cleaned the player Interface.
    *Better Station-Adding experience.
    *Adding Coming Up for next songs in the player. 3.2 Change log:
    *Fixed NullRefrence issues.
    *Fixed every known bug.
    *Added new feature: MetroMp3.
    *The Live Tile is now truly live; it updates each time you change the song.
    *The Now Playing Station is now pinnable.

    3.3 Change Log:
    *Fixed issue with getting songs.
    *Fixed issues with the Live Tiles.
    *Fixed issues with MetroMp3

    Expect more to come...

    V3.3 has been approved this morning, and it should be available in the next 12 hours. Visit here for more information.

    Please feel free to leave any critic, advice, suggestion or comment at anytime on my email: janabimustafa@hotmail.com or on this thread.

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    01-13-2012 04:37 PM
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    Thanks =)
    01-13-2012 06:19 PM
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    It's out! Make sure you update :)
    01-13-2012 08:30 PM