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    If you are like me, you must have misplaced atleast one of your stuff in the past . Forgetfulness is a general human trait, but fret not! we are here to remedy it! Introducing FindMyStuff - your personal reminder assistant, where you can store the location of your moderately or barely used things. FindMyStuff keeps track of your stuff with descriptions, pictures and reminders!

    When I travel, I keep track of what I took out of my suitcase with Find My Stuff. It's just too easy to forget that set of house keys or even important things like passport! Just take pictures of these and add a reminder at my checkout time, and Find My Stuff becomes your checkout assistant! Sometimes you might have documents or stuff that you keep away someplace and forget all about it - your insurance papers, for example. Now Find My Stuff helps you get it when you want. When you store these items, just add their descriptions and pictures to Find My Stuff . It will be at your disposal whenever you need it - just search or scroll through the list and there it is! In this case, I can even set up Find My Stuff to add reminders to renew the insurance when it's about to expire

    In summary, FindMyStuff is a great tool, which when used the right way, makes you say "I wont have to forget a thing again"


    Scan the tag below to get the app or click here to download .

    01-13-2012 11:39 PM

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