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    Do you like surprises? You want to show something in your environment to anyone else in the world? Then you are exactly right here! PhotoExchange offers not a lot of functionality, but if you just want to have some fun, find your next lock screen or even maybe a new friends it should worth a look!

    What you get:
    • Share a photo with a random person all over the world
    • Select and swap a picture from your phones collection
    • Send and receive storable images
    • Picture conversations / dialogue with attached messages
    • Report Abuse, please keep the public stream clean

    The way to get the App!
    On your device:

    Internet Browser:

    In Zune:

    Your picture is shared exactly with one person and is removed from the server automatically. Your device id is used to identify your device and assign pictures as also for banning purposes. You do not need to register. Simply start the app and share your photos! No other data are transferred or stored.

    • Images can be shared with the "New" button against a random image.
    • With the "Reply" button the last image obtained will be replied.
    • Random swap actions are limited in number. A response is possible only once per received image, but it is conceivable talks indefinitely.
    • A image dialogue ends , if one side is not directly responding to the last image obtained.
    • The "Select" function works like "New" and "Reply", only the pictures are now not from the camera, but from the photo collection.
    • Pictures can be sent storable . Activate from the info page ((i) button) the appropriate setting. A "s" next to the new/reply button informs you when this feature is active and the recipient will be able to save your picture.
    • There are limits for randomly exchanged pictures and selected from your stored. This adapt according to the number of users and are therefore at the beginning of the service is still quite low.
    • Should you reach a limit, so your "give" an image, thus increasing the available content / limit, however, a abuse followed by a ban reduce this pool..
    • When pressing the report button the image is deleted immediately, it is reported if you confirm twice.
    • I'm working on a dynamic quality, the functions are in the app, the server side not fully. This will allow even with a poor connection to use the service.
    • When something is unclear please ask! I know my app and so easy lose track ...

    Future extensions are easily possible and planed. Depending on how the interest in such an app is, I will incorporate more functions.

    What is planned:
    • push notifications is next asap
    • multiple swappable images
    • and much more in direction of a social image sharing app, but I will not reveal now ;-)

    A sample picture:

    This agreement does not replace any terms of service that you had to accept before you were able to download this application. PhotoExchange content is generated by user and PhotoExchange does not prescreen user generated content. You are solely responsible for all information, data, text, photographs that you submit. You undertake to not make public accessable any information you will receive through this service. You agree not to do anything on, or submit any user content to, the PhotoExchange services that infringes any laws, is obscene, threatening, violent, abusive, harmful to others including minors, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, harassing, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable. As also “spam” or any other form of unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, or commercial messages, links to computer viruses, malware or any other malicious code are prohibited. The author reserves the right to ban your device at any time without any explanation. You also agree that the data (device id and picture) are transmitted in plaintext to the developers private server as also to one random person all over the world. Your picture will be deleted from the developers server after a week or at maximum after a month. You also agree that there is no hundred percent security possible and therefore you waive any claims on the transferred pictures or your device id. You also acknowledge that by providing you with the ability to access, view and post user generated content, PhotoExchange is merely acting as a passive conduit for such distribution and is not undertaking any obligation or liability relating to any user generated content or activities of users of PhotoExchange. In shortform: The author assumes NO WARRENTY OR RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY KIND.

    Such an App depends on many users, so please rate the app!
    Please note, this app might be similar to a famous app at this point of development, but I will tolerate no ambiguity in the belly of any kind. However, what you are doing in the private conversations I do not care as long as it is by mutual agreement and not leads to a report. Thanks.
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    01-14-2012 12:57 PM
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    Just to let you know, PhotoExchange 1.2 is out! Improved GUI, swap pictures form your collection, absolut bug free! Have a lot of fun ;-)

    01-21-2012 04:38 PM
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    Version 1.3 is out!

    There is not much changed on client side, I did not like my apps to be useless. And so I added the possibility to swap or reply with storable images! I think this way you can maybe find the one or other funny picture or background and store it on your device! However it is always in the senders hand to make a picture storable.
    01-29-2012 10:47 AM
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    Found some time today, so just integrated a timestamp and also the origin country into the left corner of each not storable images..!
    In addition I changed a little the picture swapping process, but I'm still not sure if this the way to go.
    For slow connected devices there is now a little dirty implemented feature for dynamic qulity. It's not what is planed, just better than nothing.

    Also the first post now contains a little manual on how the app works. And finaly there is a new app screenshot to enjoy.

    Have some fun! ;)

    Ps: We are still a little low on users, so please rate the app if you like it, it is so easy to oversee in the app store...
    02-07-2012 05:25 PM