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    Moneyrr powerful and robust expense and budgeting app with clean and friendly interface.
    Developed first for WM, where it still has thousands of devoted customers, and revamped for WP7

    - Add your own expense categories, payees, accounts and so on.
    - Add any number of your custom tags to transaction.
    - Schedule your transactions in every possible way - e.g. monthly by day of week and more.
    - Budgets and targets that are directly tied to your expenses and incomes, with any time frame - daily, weekly, monthly (you can move the month start).
    - Filter by any transaction detail.
    - Clear and informative Reports that you can drill down to transactions; you can run reports on filtered data.
    - Attach your receipt photos!
    - Export to Excel, password protection and many more.

    One of the greatest ideas in Moneyrr is the way Budgets work:
    - you define a filter on transactions, using any transaction detail you like (e.g. account and presence of certain tag, or just particular expense category)
    - then you set a recurring (monthly/daily/weekly) expense limit, or income target, to track on filtered transactions.

    Visit http://moneyrr.com for comprehensive help on all features.

    Trial is fully functional, limited to 30 launches.

    Marketplace link:

    Direct link for your phone:


    Marketplace link:
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    Thanks for sharing your app with us foxonrun. :)
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