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    Hey, hermanos.

    I made a WP7 app! You should check it out. I plan on updating it frequently and trying to make it as good as possible. Release 1.0 focuses on functionality, and unfortunately the usability kind of sucks, but it will get better, I promise!



    The app is called Fat Stats. It's a weight tracking app with statistics, as simple as that. Inspired by Libra (and its lack of availability on WP7) I just said screw it and made my own.

    Input your weight each day, and the app will start to calculate statistics. To begin with this is stuff like highest weight, average weight, lowest weight, etc. I want to expand this out to BMI, weight class, etc. in the future.

    The other "killer feature" is the trend line. This was inspired by Libra, which shows your basic 7-day trend, but mine is different. Mine was built based on the Hacker's Diet method of smoothing weight loss charts. What this ultimately means is it will smooth your weight chart and any peaks/valleys will be absorbed by the trend line. It's a better indication of where your weight really is.

    This is useful because you might gain a pound over 2 days, which is demoralizing. But in reality, that might just be a one-time quirk. With the trend line, as long as you keep the trend line moving downwards, you're probably doing just fine on the diet.

    The usability kind of sucks. I was experimenting with optionally showing the menu bar on the weight log page but it didn't work. I also didn't realize how crappy using the menu button + weight log is, so one of my first changes in 1.1 is going to be moving the "add" button from the menu bar to right next to the weight entry field.

    Add in settings for user's height
    Add in BMI calculation
    Add in weight class statistics
    (MAYBE) Add in weight class charts
    Add in settings for goal weight
    Add in estimated date of goal being accomplished

    Any questions/comments, I'd love to hear them.

    Or follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/StangApps
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    Working on version 1.1 right now. It fixes some issues so far (hopefully this list will grow):

    * Fixes issue where graphing labels overlap with a high number of entries
    * Eliminated application bar button
    * Added button to weight log entry line
    * Fixed some various layout issues
    * Added theme color to more places

    I am also getting a new logo, waiting on that before submitting the update.
    01-29-2012 09:31 AM
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    Just pushed out version 1.1, should be showing up in the marketplace today or tomorrow. Also pushed internationally!

    Fixes that made it into this release:

    * Better UI for adding weights
    * Graphing labels no longer overlap with higher number of entries
    * Eliminated application bar (see: better ui for adding weights)
    * Removed nag-message saying user needs to enter weights when they have 0 entries (this may have been causing a few crashes)

    No new logo yet :(
    02-13-2012 11:07 AM