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    For those who are annoyed of missing artist pictures, this tool adds pictures from last.fm, your picture hub or any link to pictures from the web.

    Informations on using the app:
    -The artist may not be associated with any picture. It's not possible because the hacked method doesn't give us access to existing pictures. The tool can just add - no replacement - sorry :(
    -The created dummyfiles are grouped in one album called ...dummy. Even you edited hundreds of artists in a row you can just delete the ...dummy album.
    -using a high resolution and compression quality can result in glitchen and lags skipping to another artist during playback. The default settings works well but maybe you guys want to search for the optimal quality ;)

    DOWNLOAD latest version

    next releases:
    - improving code to reduce data consumption
    - support to search and add album covers //update 16.02. looks like this doesn't work for now :(
    - releasing source code


    -auto resize to height 800px

    -new preview function shows how widescreen pictures look croped to a 800x480 (lock)screen

    -added longlistselector to artistselection
    -abillity to add pictures by internet link
    -edit artist names to fix misspellings in lastfm search
    -new application icon (thx to Xopy)

    -reduced imagequality to avoid glitches and lags (please give me feedback about it)
    -some layout improvements
    -integration into musichub
    -ability to chose pictures from your local storage [ phone may not be connected / zune not running or preview screen stays black ;) ]

    -settings page: individual quality settings and option for thumbnail mode for the picture list

    BETA 1
    -add more pictures without application restart
    -delete all dummies at at once (delete album "...dummy")
    -fixed some gui bugs connected with light theme
    -multilanguage support for english, german, french, spanish* (*google translated)
    -new icon and splashscreen (designed by pausmann)

    BETA 1.1
    -more languages ( italian, hungarian )

    BETA 1.1.1
    -minor bugfixes, dutch and russian added

    BETA 1.1.2
    -chinese (traditional) added

    BETA 1.2
    -interop unlock is not longer required

    BETA 1.3
    -Changed GUI
    -fixed bugs ... added new

    BETA 1.4
    -new update notification system
    -spanish and portuguese added
    -updated other languages
    -fixed the new bug from 1.3

    BETA 1.4.1
    -added polish, russian and turkish (don't know if the OS even supports turkish language )

    BETA 1.5
    - added danish, finnish, czech
    - improved code
    - fixed color banding ( color depth now 32bit )
    - new feature: auto download pictures

    BETA 1.5.1
    - hotfix for auto download: artist without preview pictures will no longer interrupt the attachment process
    - users with custom xap-handler can update the app directly

    Thanks to the translators:

    Chinese (traditional) - eric1204
    Chinese (simplified) - momo100100
    Czech - Maledict, jnk
    Danish - ikinkyxd
    Dutch - daddyrazzy
    Finnish - jessenic, TrashBatteri
    French - NebZoNe
    Hungarian - dr.lacus
    Italian - kevyn82
    Japanese - momo100100
    Korean - iseewon
    Dutch - daddyrazzy
    Polish - Mark_QS
    Portuguese (Brazil) - mrmof, razeheb
    Portuguese (Portugal) - NuMbErSeVeN
    Russian - vukka
    Spanish - jlmaparicio
    Turkish - Alperen4 (don't know if the OS supports the language)

    pausmann for his icon and splashscreen design

    For any unsupported languages:
    Visit my project at GetLocalization.com
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    Downloaded this yesterday from the XDA forums and now going through all my artists with no background. This is an excellent tool and makes it really easy to add the relevant backgrounds. Thanks!
    01-30-2012 10:56 AM
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    New version - new features ;)
    03-31-2012 08:54 AM
  4. ne0cr0n's Avatar
    Try the preview of version 2.0 and give me feedback
    download V2 preview
    05-19-2012 06:43 AM
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    Try the preview of version 2.0 and give me feedback
    download V2 preview
    Will be checking this out, can I shoot you an email or something with feedback?
    05-19-2012 07:36 AM
  6. ne0cr0n's Avatar
    Will be checking this out, can I shoot you an email or something with feedback?
    just use the contact button inside the app.
    you can find it in the 'about' page ;)
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    05-19-2012 07:45 AM