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    Have you noticed how small the world is? Boundaries between countries have become blurred.
    The English language is the fourth most spoken language ​​in the world, and nearly half a billion people speak English all over the world. As a native speaker of Russian, some of my reasons for studying English are as follows:
    Increasing my value in the labor market
    Training my memory well
    Understanding my favorite foreign songs and movies without subtitles
    Expanding my social circle
    In my opinion, the best way to master a foreign language is to practice it in real world situations. For example, shopping, making telephone appointments, and watching foreign movies.
    Today, most people use electronic dictionaries or the Internet rather than traditional dictionaries.
    I recently bought a dictionary app that helps me wherever I go.
    Slovo works quickly and does not require an Internet connection. You do not need to carry other types of dictionaries, be it a book or an electronic translator.
    This dictionary has a good base lexicon with tens of thousands of words. Using it in everyday life, I have not met a word that I could not find. Each word entry gives several translations to choose from.

    The last word you looked up will be displayed prominently on the Slovo icon.

    The History feature is wonderful! All of the words I looked up were saved for later review.

    In my spare time, like when I wait for the bus, I can review my new vocabulary words.
    If accent reduction is important to you, there is a pronunciation feature that gives the proper American English pronunciation. It can help you memorize new words.

    In summary, Slovos pluses are:

    Easy to use
    Gives several examples of the words used in sentences
    Stylish Design
    It has a number of features which can help you memorize the words
    • Display of the last word
    • History feature
    • Pronunciation feature

    When you buy Slovo, you are not only buying a magic wand, but you are also getting a powerful teacher.
    02-06-2012 08:56 PM