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    The most advanced GPS calculations app is getting even more advanced.

    You may know 'GPS Calculator' from this forum or reviews on wpcentral, wpxbox, addictive tips and other web sites.


    GPS Calculator : Find Distances and Area right on Windows Phone

    Measure Distance, Area & Coordinates Of Any Location On WP7 - GPS Calculator

    GPS Calculator is an advanced app that does for free what other apps don't do for money. Now in addition to existing features of calculating areas, distances and projections 'GPS Calculator' will have an altimeter function (using 5 different elevation data models), elevation profile graphs, time zone in any given world location and some astronomical calculation (sunrise, sunset and length of day).

    You can make it better by beta-testing.

    If your phone is locked - send me your live id (the one you are using on your phone) and I will add you to the private beta.
    02-19-2012 10:52 PM

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