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    The future is upon us. There are no tennis courts, there is no Pong, there is only Star Tennis

    Play Star Tennis at lightning fast speeds while blazing through the cosmos. This highly addictive game is a new twist on the classic game of pong. You will face off against not just one but several opponents, each with there own attriubes. You must also rely on speed reflexes and both of your hands to play.

    Blue - Your Tradional opponent.

    Orange - Blocks the goal for

    Blue. You must slide Orange out of the way in order to score.

    Purple - Comes in 3's. You must hit 4 time each to get rid of them.

    Green - Moves on it's own indepently of the orb.

    Decoy - It's sole purpose is to throw off your concentration.

    NEWLY ADDED!!! The Wall - Blocks the entire goal you'll have to hit The Wall then Shake your device to get it out of the way

    The most fierce opponent of this all is the person standing next to you. Star Tennis also features VS mode. Are you up for the challege?

    We are constantly listening to your feedback so please Email us with any comments of suggestions you may have at: R-SquaredFilms@gmail.com



    1. Added Easy, Normal and Hard Modes to options menu
    2. Enhanced AI


    1. Added Music
    2. Improved Sound Effects
    3. Options Menu to manage music & SFX


    Graphical Improvements


    We listened to your feedback and we have done a Complete Overhaul, new features include:
    Completely retooled graphics and play-mechanics

    New Obsticle THE WALL - Blocks the entire goal you'll have to hit The Wall then Shake your device to get it out of the way

    2 New Modes
    Classic - For those who enjoy the original game of pong
    Endless - Test your endurance and see how long you last in an endless bout against random obsticles. Then upload your score to see where you in the world with openXlive.

    OpenXlive Intergration - For Global LeaderBoards, Social Gaming and Achievements.

    Get it here:

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    Thanks for sharing your game R-Squared, and welcome along to WPCentral. :)
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    Thanks! Glad to be here. Hope everyone enjoys the game :D
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