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    (For some reason I can't change the title, but just download the Trial for the free version)

    Sleepy Clock helps you sleep and wake up at the optimal time by calculating sleep cycles. Inspired by this simple website sleepyti.me bedtime calculator

    Made it for myself really since I check that site so often and figured I could benefit from an app on my phone. It's now pinned on my home screen :P

    Get it here:

    Hope you like it!
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    04-04-2012 05:34 AM
  2. SolunaKitty's Avatar
    It suggests times to wake up; that's cool xD I still use my feature phone to set alarms because I am afraid of accidentally crushing the glass on my phone due to my sleeping habits OTL
    04-04-2012 08:00 AM
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    Nice little idea for an app. Nothing big or complicated, but useful. I am always surprised how many people don't know that fact about the 90 minutes sleeping phases.

    But ... I can't download it, it's not available in the Swiss Marketplace.

    Why not make it available in all the markets? Never mind the English interface, many people won't care. If you will do so, just don't forget to change the "Neutral Language" in the Assembly Information from "English (US)" to simply "English".
    04-04-2012 09:13 AM
  4. Bei337's Avatar
    I just updated my app to use English instead of English (US) and also published it to all markets! It should be available by the end of the week hopefully.
    04-04-2012 03:33 PM
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    Version 1.2 is out! Added the ability to set alarm from within the app.

    Mod: could you please edit the title of the thread to: Sleepy Clock - wake up well rested
    04-19-2012 04:04 AM
  6. SolunaKitty's Avatar
    Now that I will need to wake up at around 5 or 530am, I think I will give the app a shot :D
    04-19-2012 01:50 PM
  7. porschephiliac's Avatar
    Downloading now, thanks for the suggestion.
    04-19-2012 08:59 PM
  8. speedtouch's Avatar
    Is it not free any longer? Says $0.99 on the Market.
    06-06-2012 07:14 PM
  9. Bei337's Avatar
    Is it not free any longer? Says $0.99 on the Market.
    There's a free version with ads. Just download the Trial :)
    08-15-2012 02:43 PM