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    Insync has been developing the Windows Phone app for a couple of months now to give your Windows Phone a bit of GDocs love :)

    With GDrive launching soon, Insync will come in handy for power and GApps users.

    + multiple Google account support
    + read GDocs converted files
    + upload pics and videos
    + create / delete / rename folders
    + copy link (folders and files)
    + save offline (folders and files)
    + share to collaborators
    + sharing permissions
    + search

    Upcoming features:
    + read PDF and MS Office files
    + streaming music and videos
    + attach file to mail
    + multiple photo upload

    Insync beta link:

    Insync is in private beta so if you want to be added to Insync beta via WP Marketplace, email support+windowsphone@insynchq.com with your Windows Live ID.


    EDIT: moving to Beta forum as recommended. Didn't peruse enough -- my apologies.
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    Welcome to the WPCentral forums! If this is a beta test, perhaps you should put this in the Beta Test subforum instead :3 I've never used Google Docs much, so I can't help you, but good luck with the app!
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