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    CleverToDo is a professional task management application designed for people who value their time and want to keep their lives as organized as they could. Whoever you are, it will fit your needs perfectly! CleverToDo is based on Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen one of the most successful productivity programs in the world. This application can be very useful for everyone having problems in staying productive and focused in their everyday lives, as well as during their work hours. We all know that keeping everything organized can effectively reduce our stress levels, and as a result make our daily life easier and more enjoyable. Whole idea is based on storing important things outside your mind, so you can focus on completing them instead of remembering them. You have to group, review, prioritize them, assign them to projects, contexts, plan them in advance. Sounds complicated, but its not thanks to CleverToDo. With this application you can quickly track your tasks, while organizing them in a way fitting GTD methodology with ease.

    Slick and clear interface lets you focus on tasks at hand, yet its simple design contrasts with finesse of functions it presents to the user, such as:

    • LiveTile support,
    • Easy date/time selection,
    • Input shortcuts,
    • Projects, contexts, tags,
    • Search,
    • Reminders,
    • Repeating tasks,
    • Grouping and filtering options,
    • Achievement system,
    • Notes,
    • Personalization options,
    • and many more!

    Here is a movie explaining some of the most basic functions of CleverToDo:


    Dont hesitate to send your comments, questions and suggestions to: support@clever-software.net

    For all the up to date news like our Facebook site: www.facebook.com/clever.software.net
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