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    ARTistic Windows Phone App

    Every person as an artist inside of them that needs to be inspired. Too often, our artistic side is ignored and life begins to get boring. ARTistic Windows Phone App was created to entertain, empower and inspire that artist hiding inside of all of us. Established and emerging artists are able to exhibit, promote and share their work using a phone application. This Windows based phone application was developed to embrace the community of artists and people who are devoted to art.

    Art plays an important part in society. Art helps make people well rounded with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. It helps people think beyond their limits of pervious boundaries. The ARTistic Windows phone application helps bring art and graphic design to literally everyone’s fingertips. The enjoyment and pleasure that are brings is immeasurable. Beauty is brought to the world in a way that everyone can understand no matter where they are globally or what language they speak.

    ARTistic features:
    •Create a free profile as an artist
    •Upload photos, art, craft or anything artistic on your part
    •Detail analytics for each of your ART
    •Add favorites to your ART list
    •Review and Comment other fellow ARTists uploads
    •Ability to download ARTist uploads
    •Live ART Tile and Pin especific ART to your home screen
    •Pinch, Zoom and Rotate ART when viewing on full screen

    Art is all around us and now it is even available on Windows Phone. It is important that everyone has access to the art world because it’s pure nature helps open minds with this FREE application.

    05-21-2012 04:40 PM