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    A limited-time offer, get ConnectMe for 0.99$ instead of 5.99$. This offer will end on the 7th of June and the price will then return back to 5.99$.
    RD7 Customers: We have changed our publisher, therefore we made this offer especially for you to make sure you continue getting new updates.
    ConnectMe is a true RDP client for Windows Phone. It allows you to fully control your remote computers over your LAN or the Internet, listen to remote audio, share your phone storage with remote computers, view, play and save transferred files as ringtones and more.

    View and control multiple remote computers at the same time
    Support RD Gateway, Session Broker and RemoteApps
    Support all security methods: Basic, SSL and Network Level Authentication (NLA)
    Transfer and share files between remote computers and phone
    Listen to remote audio directly on phone
    Support drawing orders, compression and caching to provide high performance
    Support 8,15,16 and 24 bit colors and custom screen resolution
    Local file browser to manage local app storage: create new folders, rename, move, delete, copy, cut and paste
    Media player to play and view media files directly from local phone storage. Other web files (text, html, images, ) can be viewed using a built-in viewer
    On-screen extended keyboard with full standard keys (alt, ctrl, Fn keys, ..)
    Support 20 keyboard languages
    Visual keyboard designer to create or to customize keyboard layouts
    Support physical keyboard and split mode
    Save and reuse frequently used texts
    Create and play 'Playlists'
    Set transferred files as ringtones and extract ringtones from lengthy files
    Zoom in/out and pinch-to-zoom
    Touch-pad mouse and touch panning
    Capture images of desktops
    Connection groups
    Pin connections, files & folders to start
    Support background web downloads
    Password protection
    Backup and restore settings
    Wake On LAN
    Help & support

    ConnectMe in marketplace:

    05-27-2012 08:06 AM
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    Hurry, this special offer will end in few days.
    05-31-2012 07:17 AM

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