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    14-in-1 for the price of just one! Unlimited free access to Connection Settings and Website tiles in trial version!

    Tile Master app allows you to create 14 tile types. They are all beautifully designed and you can customize them as you like. Every tile can be pinned to Start screen of your phone or to the Virtual Start screen (inside Tile Master app), so that your Start screen is not too crowded.

    Connection Settings tile: direct access to WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth and AirplainMode settings with current status

    Website tile: opens your favorite website, you can download favicon to customize the appearance

    Note tile: write yourself a not on the Start screen with full customization of colors, fonts and sizes

    To Do tile: shows list of tasks and reminds you to complete them every time you look at your phone

    Flashlight tile: uses phone's camera flash, display or both to provide constant light

    Wake-On-LAN tile: allows you to wake up a computer remotely

    Countdown tile: counts down/up to/from any important date you choose

    Quote tile: quote of the day on your start screen every day. Choose between general, love, art, funny and nature quotes

    Picasa tile: downloads thumbnails from Picasa Featured album. You can download full sized photo and use it as a wallpaper

    Search Marketplace tile: search marketplace with predefined query

    Search Web tile: search with your favorite search engine is just one tap away

    Dialer tile: dial a phone number directly, without going through a contact detail

    Email tile: send a predefined e-mail with just one tap

    SMS tile: send a predefined SMS with just one tap

    06-09-2012 03:20 PM
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    This is the ugliest thing.
    06-17-2012 11:34 PM

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