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    ‘SlashColor’ is an application aimed at Developers and Designers.


    • Gather colors information from any website
    • Dynamic color picker
    • Picture eye dropper – let you find colors from your pictures with the press of a finger. Let you take a new picture on-the-fly or choose from your photos albums.
    • Augmented Reality - live camera color capture.
    • Tap your favorites colors, from anywhere in the application, and add them to your collection for future reference. Give special name to your favorites colors by 'tapping' them.
    • All favorites colors now include sources from where you got them(for colors added from version 2.0.0+).
    • Send the colors codes to an email box of your choice.

    * Color information are given in HEX, RGB, HSV. Simple, yet effective and straight to the point!

    You can get the app here:

    Windows Phone Online Marketplace

    06-17-2012 07:47 AM