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    Byte Code Canada announces Soar, a new Windows Phone Game to the marketplace.


    Soar is a WP7 game built around flying space ships, dodging asteroids, and saving humans. It includes achievements, a local store, powerups, and much more. If you are a gamer who enjoys intense space battles, you will enjoy this title for sure.
    • Missions(Mars and Earth)
    • Skins
    • Asteroid Dismemberment
    • Power-Ups
    • Local Store
    • Achievements
    • Day and Night
    • Dynamically*Animated Menus
    • Leaderboards
    • Saves
    • Advanced Particle Engine
    • Fun!


    Soar is available for all 11 Official English Speaking Countries on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Plans for more language support is on the way. Download the app for free with no ads:

    Other Info
    Byte Code Canada is really me, just a 16 year old from Toronto, Ontario. I will tell you what I learned to make this game.
    Well, this is a list of the books I read:
    C# 4.0 - The Complete Reference - 1000 pages 1st one, I have experiences in other languages, if you do go ahead and get this one.

    O'Rielly XNA 4.0 - 500 pages I just read the 2D Sections and WP7 Section.

    Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development - 500 pages I read a little, learned how to structure everything. I decided to make my own Game Structure(The Foundation, would be another way to call it).

    For Silverlight, I didn't really do much on it, but it's where I started from. I made a Black Jack game, while learning C#.
    App Hub - silverlight for windows phone

    That link is a great tutorial series on the basics of Silverlight. I am sure that there are books about it.

    If you are starting to learn C# without any programming experience: Beginning Visual C# 2010, 1st Edition - Is a great beginner book.

    Also, just learning the language is not even 10% of the programming. I recommend getting an Algorithm Book such as: How to Think About Algorithms - A great book, just starting it, has lots of nice math and such. But Algorithms are for after you know C#.
    Also, never give up :D Programming is the future.

    I recommend downloading the PDFs, and if you really like the book, just buy it. That's what I do when I finish a good programming book :D
    06-23-2012 10:22 AM