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    Hi folks,
    just so you know I'm working on an app that could attract the networking core inside you. It's Net Swiss Knife and I've already released the first beta (v0.9).

    It offers easy and quick Wake-on-LAN with a list of recently woken up PCs, next there's a simple DNS query (looking similar to dig), simple WHOIS command and port probe (which kind of replaces ping which is impossible on Windows Phone 7).

    The results of DNS query and WHOIS command can be copied - partially (tap&drag) or whole result (hold).

    I've also added some walkthrough section to help with basic network settings on Windows (Linux and other coming soon), it's very limited but still something is there. :)

    'Nuff said. Grab it. DOWNLOAD IT. Right from this link. It's free!

    Of course I'm still working on this! What can you anticipate for the next versions?
    • a list of WHOIS servers
    • changed back button behaviour
    • fixed DNS MX record fetching
    • reverse DNS queries
    • smarter Wake-on-LAN with support for SecureOn
    • IP calculator
    • more walkthroughs
    • more languages (anyone wanna help? :) )

    See you later! I'm watching this thread, any suggestions/problems arise, post them here.

    I'll also need some testers for the upcoming versions - so if you want, post here or send me a PM. Thanks! :)
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