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    Hi All Portuguese speakers!
    I'm Glad to announce Version 0.8 fo !FuTile(read not futile), With this app you can follow all the football(soccer) games of the Brazilian Teams in Real Time!
    It was designed to be faster than your own internet! with my tests over the Wi-Fi it fetches Data Instantanly, and over 3g it slows down to 1 second! it will surprise you!
    100% ad-free.

    Version 0.8 on MarketPlace(all marketplaces): http://www.windowsphone.com/pt-BR/ap...3-0187de6af84d

    ps: im planning on adding push notifications for real time games!

    !FuTile Updated!
    Version 0.7
    Added Configuration Page:
    Auto Refresh(optional) for 60 secs.
    Hud Message with Time left for Resfresh(Optional).

    General Bug Fixes
    General Tweaks for lower data consumption

    Changelog 0.8:

    Longpress any info and share on social network
    Changed visual on config. page.

    Changelog 0.9 {ULTRA UPDATE}

    Added Media Player with Real Time Videos from the games.

    ps: Please, i need feedback to know where to improve the app! Thanks!
    06-29-2012 11:07 AM