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    Hello Everybody,

    Please checkout My Timers app. It has a free version and paid+trial version.

    My Timers helps you create customizable multiple timers that can run simultaneously. The timers can run in the background when the app is close*. Customize the sound and vibration settings when a timer is up. Automatically run a timer again as many times as you want after a specified duration. Pin a timer on the startscreen and choose from 40 different tile backgrounds.

    Trial Version is fully functional, but ad supported.

    - Create Multiple Timers
    - Run Timers in the Background*
    - Pause and Resume Timers
    - Customize Sound and Vibration Settings
    - Vibrate Only or Sound Only
    - Run a Timer Again After a Specified Duration
    - Pin Timer on StartScreen
    - Pick from 40 Different Tile Backgrounds
    - Move Timer Up or Down the List
    - Move Timer on Top or Bottom of the List
    - Show Only Active Timers
    - Show or Hide Timer Progress Bar

    * Running the timers in the background is not as accurate or reliable as running them in app. Also, the timer sound, vibration, and run times settings is not applied when running in the background.

    06-29-2012 06:58 PM