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    Name: TrackUrSelf

    Having been an avid user of windows phone and a GPS enthusiast, I have always wanted to create an application which use this technology. rather than develop an map application, I decided to use the background agent of windows phone 7 and create an application which tracks your movement. This is very useful for hiking/trekking adventures as well long drives.

    This application only tracks the location and displays it on the viewer. The locations are never sent out, so this is not a stalker app

    I would welcome your views and feedback on this application.

    + Tracks your location at 30 minutes interval
    + Manual track option available (useful when trying to remember a way point)
    + View your locations in a list with the address resolution (uses geonames.org)
    + Aerial mode available
    + KML Export/Backup to Skydrive.

    You would need a developer unlock phone to sideload the application, it does NOT need any interop unlock or full unlock to launch it.

    For those without a dev unlock phone, you can try the older version, which does not have the skydrive backup nor the aerial mode option.
    07-11-2012 11:00 PM

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