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    Extreme Solitaire - Top card game pack is a collection of solitaire and other awesome card games. All games are not traditional card games, but are implemented with a card and chips. Your goal is to earn (in game) money as much you can and climb higher in top earning players. You can earn more money when you succesfully pass games and levels, but you can also lose money on some games, so it's up to you how to reach top position. This top card game pack is must for every windows phone users.

    [[[ List of Games ]]]

    * TriPeaks - Solitaire
    * Pyramid - Solitaire
    * Klondike - Solitaire
    * Freecell - Solitaire
    * Card & Slice (tired for cards, then slice them)
    * Jacks or better
    * Blackjack
    * Card & Drive (awesome and challenging driving physics game, with 56 levels)

    * * * and more will come * * *

    [[[ Features ]]]

    * Fun games
    * Great gameplay
    * Excellent graphics
    * Smooth animation
    * Game statistic/hiscores
    * Global/Friends hiscore
    * Global Ranking
    * Undo (solitaire games)
    * Many hours of gameplay

    !!! First month on sale 50%, so keep hurry.

    More content is coming !!!
    Hope you like this game pack and have a great game time!

    Please contact us, if you want send feedpack, bug reports or suggestions to us. Remember check our other games too!

    Extreme Solitaire 1.29$ every game has free trial

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