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    World Domination is a free online turn based strategy game. The main goal is to occupy the whole world with your army. If you achieve that goal, the game will end with you as winner. Each player gets 24 hours to complete his turn. When the player finishes his turn (or when the time expires), the next player's turn will start.

    Each turn consists of several phases:
    1. Replay: You will see a replay of what other player's did in their turn
    2. Deployment phase: You can deploy fresh troops to the territories of your choice.
    3. Assault phase: In this phase you can use your troops to conquer other player's territories.
    4. Reinforcement phase: You can move troops from one territory that you occupy to another territory that you occupy.

    See a (translated) review of the game here

    Marketplace download links:

    07-26-2012 05:28 PM

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