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    I'm a big fan of fast casual restaurants; my wife and I usually hit one up before our weekly grocery trip. I was looking for an app that provided nutritional info and news regarding the national chains, but couldn't find one. Hence, I went ahead and created LaPanCosiBon! It makes it easy to get timely information about the best fast casual bakery chains in the United States: Panera Bread, Cosi, Au Bon Pain, La Madeleine, and Corner Bakery. It can:

    • Quickly find which restaurant chains are running promotions by using the Unified Feed feature, which combines each chainís Facebook feed.
    • Look up menu and nutritional information for each chain
    • Find the restaurant closest to you and get directions
    • Access a restaurant chainís Twitter and Facebook pages
    • Give the restaurant chains feedback by easily tweeting to their Twitter addresses

    LaPanCosiBon is the essential Windows Phone companion app for your fast casual dining experience! And its free! So give it a try. Unified Feed will definitely help score you an extra cookie or muffin every so often :)

    If you like the app and/or have feedback, please review it in the Windows Phone Marketplace! Every review helps!
    08-05-2012 09:45 PM