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    Fake Call 7.5 is a fake call provide that let you get a fake call from anyone, in any time!

    Do you need to escape from a bad situation? Or do you want to make a joke to your friends? Just click the "Call Me!" button and you will get a call from anyone you want in a few seconds.

    It's simple like that!

    Here are some images from Fake Call 7.5 Free ;

    Its FREE! Its best on Marketplace! Its Simple to use!

    Options v1.0 :

    + You can select person from your contacts
    + You can select random famous people
    + You can select 25 different lockscreen images
    + You can select lockscreen image from your gallery
    + You can set Ring and vibrate option

    We will publish the pro version of Fake Call 7.5 Free as soon as possible to the Marketplace.

    At the pro version will have more features like;

    + no-ads
    + more ringtones
    + multi language support
    + image search

    You can click here to download the application to your windowsphone or simply you can scan the barcode below.

    You can email us or write us from here for any suggestions.

    Thank you.
    08-09-2012 11:12 AM