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    We are happy to introduce Memento for Windows Phone. It's about Film Photography. Our main focus is to give some personality to photos. We are happy that our app is not another social network. Instead we are taking advantage of all the social networks that already exist. Straight from the app you can see how many users liked your photos and also see comments on your photos.
    Our app comes in two versions - Free and Pro(paid). With the Pro version you'll have a new filter for your collection every month. We are also happy that our Free version is not Ad supported, it's just limited to 3 filters.

    CURRENT FEATURES (if you are lazy reading e-mail all day)
    1.Not another social network.
    2.Give some personality to your photos
    3.See all likes and comments from social networks straight from the app.
    4.New Film filter every month for Pro users.
    5.No ads in the Free version
    6.Carefully designed Metro UI
    7.Effortless photo editing.

    1.Maps on photos
    2.Memento users and photos around you
    3.More social networks.
    4.Friends who use memento.

    You can see more about it at our website:
    MEMENTO for Windows Phone

    Also a short promo video:

    Thank you for your precious time,
    Dimo Trifonov / Co-Founder of Gesture Atelier
    08-11-2012 04:24 PM

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