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    Hi wpcentral,
    I know, that in market place is a lot of hangmans. But this hangman is different in some ways a little bit.

    First version was only for Czech republic with Czech dictionary and it became one of the most downloaded payed czech games on market place in Czech republic and have very good feedback from Czech and Slovakia players.
    Now there is a English version on market place.
    Let me introduce this Hangman in some interesting facts:
    - scary graphics and sounds in backgrounds
    - online score where you can compare your best score with other players
    - special system of leveling (3x guess you go lvl up, 3x mistake you go lvl down) with higher score there are more complicated words and you have got less attempts -> you will see
    - game contains more than 6000words with 100levels
    - there is trial version with 100words and maximum 5 levels

    Link to MP:

    Link to YT gameplay:

    Enjoy the game, and if you will like it please rate it

    Thank you for your attention ;)
    Best regards
    Stepan Sanda
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