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    Hey all,

    We are an indie game development company called Return True Studios and we are proud to bring you our first game titled Belts and Boxes.

    Join Boxy on adventures across 4 worlds (60 levels) with unique challenges and intricate puzzles. Slide over icy platforms, launch on spring-loaded ledges, time movements to escape blazing torches, and teleport through portals to bypass barriers. Do all of this by using player operated conveyor belts, while attempting to collect 3 stars in each level, on your journey to the drop-off point.

    Find Belts and Boxes on the US Windows Phone Marketplace here or check out the QRCode below. Free trial is available to play the first 11 levels and the full version is only $0.99.

    Here is our official trailer


    Here is our great video review from BestWP7Games


    Thank you for checking out Belts and Boxes! We are passionate about game development and are thrilled to release Belts and Boxes for your enjoyment.
    08-15-2012 09:07 PM

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