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    Hi Guys,

    I created an app for reading Microsoft TechNet articles on your Windows Phone. It is free, please try it and let me know how you think about it. :)

    TechNet Reader allows you to browse Microsoft TechNet library on your Windows Phone. It creates seamless reading experience and brings tons of high quality TechNet articles to your fingers. The TechNet Library contains technical documentation for IT professionals using Microsoft products, tools, and technologies.

    TechNet Reader has the following features:

    • Tailor Microsoft TechNet library articles to fit your Windows Phone screen, and both text and pictures have much better display;
    • You can download a section of articles (one article and its immediate lower level articles);
    • You can browse out of TechNet Reader application and open the destination page in IE;
    • You can share Microsoft TechNet library articles with friends through email;
    • Add about page and related apps page, and you can provide feedbacks through email;
    • You can report problem about a problematic page to us;
    • You can collapse and expand a section block in article page;
    • Change the Microsoft TechNet library article font size;
    • Cache visited Microsoft TechNet library articles;
    • Save browsing history;
    • Read other versions of one article;
    • Navigate Microsoft TechNet library structure;
    • Add Microsoft TechNet library articles to your favorites;
    • Add Microsoft TechNet library articles to your to-read list;
    • Search Microsoft TechNet library articles;
    • Read the latest Microsoft TechNet news;
    • Open the last read article when it starts;


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