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    I've been trying to contact these folks for a while. I bought the Pro version of the app since it is the best podcast app for my needs. But the app has one behavior that is undesirable and seems like a defect.

    When I am listening to a podcast and I either hit the Windows button or the back button or hold down the back button, the return to the Podcasts app causes my podcast to start over.

    This is not a function of my clicking in the wrong place on the screen, it does it every time in every spot. It happens whether or not I hit the pause button in the app when I go to another screen.

    I understand that I can use the play/pause that appears when the volume control is pressed on the phone and not return to the Podcasts! screen, but many times I want to go back there.

    I had suspected that Podcasts! may be farming out the play function to the built in player at the OS level, but I am not sure. So, it may be a WinPhone 7 bug. But it doesn't appear when I play local music.

    I have Tango on a Lumia 900.

    Any ideas how to get the developer to respon to a paying customer? Or know of something I might be doing incorrectly?

    Melting Bot Software is the publisher.
    08-29-2012 04:09 PM