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    Have you ever found yourself feeling nostalgic for classic arcade games or perhaps your old Atari or NES console games? Do you even remember the classic Solomon's Key(TM) game - deemed, "generally recognized as one of the most difficult games to appear on the NES or any other platform for that matter"? Then reminisce no more; Lost Keys for Windows Phone 7 is here to take you back to the glory days!

    Eragion Software Solutions (Eragion Software Solutions) is proud to announce the release of our first feature-length game title: Lost Keys for Windows Phone. You can grab this release on the WP7 marketplace (https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?...token=pAQOapP0). Install the game then tap, flick and tilt your way through over 50 levels to save the day.

    Lost Keys for Windows Phone includes reproductions of the classic 2D sprite artwork, digital sound effects and music. The full version of the game includes:
    - over 50 levels of classic arcade platformer gameplay
    - two controller styles:
    - classic arcade with virtual buttons (left/right/crouch/jump/wand), and
    - updated touch-style controls (accelerometer, flick and tap)
    - resume play from any completed level
    - play your own music or enjoy the classic digital soundtrack

    In Lost Keys for Windows Phone, your goal is nothing less than saving the world. Somebody has released the demons from the underworld by removing the seal. You must survive 50 levels of non-stop demon spawn to get to the final level and re-capture the seal.

    Each level has a key and a door. Get your to the key and get out the door. Sounds easy, right? Well...each level is full of demons, some will chase you, others will shoot at you; they all want to stop you. Your only weapons are your wits and a magic wand that can create and destroy sandstone blocks. Build blocks to redirect demons and create platforms to move around the level. Be quick, though; each time you enter a level you set off a timer. When the timer ticks to zero you'll have to start over!

    Be sure to visit LostKeys on Facebook (Lost Keys | Facebook) and give us a "Like". We've also started a YouTube channel which will populate with "solutions" for each level. For now, you can view a video of how to play Lost Keys on YouTube (LostKeys - YouTube).
    09-19-2012 08:56 PM

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