1. Boris0815's Avatar

    I present you our new App for Windows Phone.

    "The App Hub Dashboard"

    Monitor the downloads and sales of your Windows Phone applications.

    Directlink to Marcetplace
    - Windows 8-styled App
    - For free
    - Statistics
    - Once loaded data are available offline
    - Multilingual
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    09-21-2012 06:28 AM
  2. Jon S's Avatar
    Thanks, this is a great app. It even shows more downloads for my apps than the Dev Center itself :) Since the data in the Dev Center are 5 days delayed, I guess that somehow you manage to show a more updated download count?
    09-21-2012 07:01 AM
  3. richard_walters's Avatar
    Hi Boris. Great app! You've done a nice job of presenting all the info. Do you have plans to add a section for reviews, something like zTop - Zune Top - MarketPlace Reporting - Windows Phone 7 ?

    Also, there's a couple of mistakes in the English localisation:

    Click refresh to reload app informations => Click refresh to reload app information

    Informations => Information (or you could use 'About' for this instead, which is perhaps a bit more common)

    webseite => website

    Finally, the text for the marketplace app bar button is too long to fit on one line, so is split as marketplac e. You could add a hyphen to split this as market-place, which might look a bit better, or now that 'marketplace' isn't used anymore you could just change it to 'store' or 'store page'.
    09-21-2012 07:41 AM
  4. NPadrutt's Avatar
    Recently I thought it would be really nice to have a app to access all the information from the app hub, and today I see this Post :D

    To make long story short: great job!

    Are there any plans to release a version to buy withouth ads?

    Is it possible to do a similiar app for the pubcenter to track your ads on the go?
    09-21-2012 11:14 AM
  5. Boris0815's Avatar
    Hi and thanks for your comments.

    @Jon S:
    Thats correct. I have found a way to get data that are about 2-3 days old instead of 5-6

    As you see, im not a native english speaker, that is why I am grateful for corrections of localization/translation. I will incorporate it in the next update.

    The next few weeks I will try to get to the data of pubcenter and publish an ad-free version

    Thank you again for the improvements and notes.
    It would be nice if you rate my app in the Windows Phone Store.

    best regards

    09-24-2012 02:02 AM