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    I wanna show you my new app: the sleeptracker.
    Specially crafted for the design of Windows Phone, the Sleeptracker has a wide variety of features to help you analyze your sleeping habits. Equipped with different readily accessible options, the app helps you record, calculate, and evaluate the hours you have slept. With this information, this app not only graphically displays any irregularities, but also archives them for your personal evaluation, giving you the information you need to change your sleeping habits to achieve a healthier sleep pattern.

    Some of the many useful features:
    - Enter your periods of rest manually or let Sleeptracker record them automatically
    - Calculate your time sleeping and designate any time missed as an irregularity
    - Records of your sleep habits are displayed graphically so you can easily evaluate them
    - Information is archived so you can evaluate sleep patterns over longer time ranges
    - Lovely designed Live Tile ;)

    If I could draw your interest you'll find a marketplace link below. The program has a free trial mode. You can use it without any restrictions for up to 40 times.
    I'm looking forward for your feedback and suggestion for improvment.

    SleepTracker | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    09-21-2012 10:10 AM