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    Pumpkin Smash 2 is the sequel to last year's "smash" hit! The ghouls and ghosts are back to take your candy, and only you can help Bones McScaryPants keep it from them. Launch an assortment of pumpkin attacks against the oncoming monsters. 35 levels and 5 boss battles spread across 5 unique cemetery regions await you. Battle the monsters inside the crematorium by flinging pumpkins, then head outside and blast them away in a full 3D cemetery! Watch monsters detonate and fly everywhere, thanks to the power of an advanced 3D physics engine. The monsters have individual strengths and weaknesses, and you must tactically decide which weapons to use against them. Only you can help save the Halloween candy!

    +2D pumpkin flinging and 3D top-down dual stick shooting action powered by a full 3D physics engine.
    +Battle your favorite movie monsters - Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, and more!
    +Destroy the monsters using a variety of weapons to choose from - fire, ice, pumpkin bombs, and more!
    +Power up the Carnage Meter for an outrageous killing spree!
    +Incredible art direction: amazing particle effects, soft shadows, ambient occlusion, and a day/night cycle take full advantage of the Windows Phone hardware.
    +Score Combos and MultiKills for bonus points and extra candy rewards.

    10-07-2012 04:43 AM

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