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  1. NigmaLab's Avatar
    We would like to invite you to test the new 3D Logo Quiz. It is now available for downloading in the Windows-Marketplace.

    Quality, entertainment and interesting information is waiting for you!

    3D Logo Quiz | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Short Game description:

    The logos from the world’s most successful brands and corporations have been created in stunning 3D to give this app a unique and special style. Learn from the historical data and highly interesting information which comes with every logo and their respective corporation. Interesting and funny information about world's most famous companies is waiting for you. There are 10 levels with a huge variety of different logos, if you don't know or don't remember any of them, you can make use of two different kinds of hints which will help you to go further in your journey of wisdom and knowledge.

    A must have for everyone who ever played any logo quiz or anyone who is curious about those Corporations which determine our daily lives with their omnipresence and influence.

    Thanks for your attention!
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    10-15-2012 07:12 AM
  2. AaronP105's Avatar
    Kinda cool! Why does the apple logo have lots of money around it?
    10-15-2012 07:37 AM
  3. NigmaLab's Avatar
    Kinda cool! Why does the apple logo have lots of money around it?
    Just a joke, intended to be funny... They are actually the richest company on earth and so
    I thought about making that joke.. ;)
    10-15-2012 08:48 AM