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    Inspired by the pixel shaders used in computer and video game graphics, Photo Shader is an excellent photo filtering app for your Windows Phone!

    Featuring 38 customizable shaders to beautify your, pictures with, all in a clean, simple interface, you just can't go wrong with Photo Shader!

    - Simple, clean and straightforward interface
    - 38 customizable shaders, filters and adjustments
    - Undo any effect applied to the image
    - Have an effect be applied to only part of the image by drawing the effect away
    - Set app theme independently of phone's background theme
    - Show last saved image on the live tile
    - Show a collage of last saved images on the live tile

    Get it here at the Store for 99c with a free trial.

    Christopher Blackman | Ryken Apps

    10-19-2012 03:05 AM

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