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    Play and enjoy the happy moments, dramatic in game!
    Link: Hexagon | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Funny Hexagon is an entertainment game. It is very simple to play the game: player use their hand to touch their stones for moving. Then, all the stones near that one will be transferred into itself. When the board is full, player who have more stones on the board is winner.
    How to play:
    - Game have two mode: single player and multi-player. In single mode, computer will handle the stones as a player. In multi-mode, two player will play in sequence.
    - Going to setting to select background music for game. All the mode of game is appeared in start screen.
    - When playing, touch the stones to move, the target have two selection: near the original position – the stone will be copy, 2 cells to the original position – the stone will be move.
    • Publisher: Orca Team
    • Date release: 15/10/2012
    • Version:
    • Language support: English
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  2. cong tran's Avatar
    good game :)
    10-22-2012 04:35 AM