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    Wizard's Dungeon by Carbide Software
    Available on Windows Phone, coming soon to Amazon App Store and Blackberry Playbook.

    You have been captured by an evil wizard and sent to your doom, deep in his dank, foul dungeon of lost souls! Every second is a fight to stay alive, as orbs holding the souls of his countless victims descend upon you. Link their souls together to free them from their prisons, but move with haste! Beware the dark orbs, for they contain the souls of the most evil and despised wizards ever to have perished in the dungeon!

    Don't lose all hope - great magic lies buried in this dungeon! Unleash the power of the five magic orbs to aid in your survival. Burn them with Fire Rage, impale them with Energy Tower, freeze time itself with Ice Storm, destroy the darkness with Holy Light, and shake the dungeon itself with Earth Shatter!

    Will you survive, or will you become yet another soul lost to the darkness of the Wizard's Dungeon?

    • Fast paced arcade style match-3 gameplay.
    • 5 types of powerful magic to aid in your survival.
    • 2 different game modes to challenge your reflexes and mind.
    • 3 difficulty levels for players of all skill levels.
    • Scoreloop leaderboards show your friends who the best wizard is!
    • Artwork by comic book artist David Miller

    Download for Windows Phone


    Carbide Software is a small, privately held software company based in Massachusetts. We specialize in the design and development of high quality, cutting-edge games for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone mobile devices and tablets. Our team of designers, developers and artists have extensive experience in the mobile gaming and entertainment industries, and collaborate virtually from throughout the country.
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    Wizard's Dungeon is now updated and available in 188 countries worldwide.

    It's amazing to see the high scores users are getting on all of the modes/difficulties. Our developer best score for Hard Difficulty in Torment Mode was beaten by one user by over 100%. Download it for free and get addicted to matching dark orbs today!

    V1.1 fixes ScoreLoop user name format issues (we're glad to have non-english names, but Scoreloop doesn't handle the characters so well)
    12-13-2012 05:02 PM