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    I represent you the mobile app Phone-CODE (it is required Windows Phone 7.5 or later version).
    You can load the application from firm Microsoft online shop Windows Phone Store, having come into Category section (toolsandproductivity)

    Телефон-КОД | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Phone-code is:
    1. Telephone codes of cities of Russia and the world countries.
    2. The fullest and actual base of codes of mobile operators.
    3. Definition of the operator, the country and region on a prefix or phone number.

    New in version 1.2:
    Grouping of search results: without grouping; on a code; under the name; on region.
    Sending of record from history of search in e-mail.
    Manual preservation of search results in history.
    Automatic preservation of errors of performance of the appendix in history.

    New in version 1.1:
    Search Types: on a code + on the operator; on a code + on region; on the operator + on region.
    Speed of search in a local DB Is increased.
    The mechanism of updating of a local DB Is improved.
    The inquiry page Is updated.

    1) Telephone codes of cities of Russia (the register of the Russian system and the plan of numbering of Rossvjazi). Only 3001 operator.
    Search: by phone; on a code; on the operator; on region.
    2) Telephone codes of the countries of the world (mobile phones of operators of cellular communication of Russia, the CIS, the European countries). Only 83 operators.
    Countries: Abkhazia, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Estonia.

    The Local database for telephone codes of cities of Russia (the information is accessible without a network the Internet) with updating from a web site of Rossvjazi.

    It is necessary to enter a code or phone number (without a country code), the name of the operator or region (the register is not considered) depending on search type.
    The Code of the operator (exact conformity) is entered completely, phone number (partial conformity from the beginning) and names (partial conformity) - partially.
    By search in two fields parametres are necessary for entering through a blank.
    By search in section of the countries of the world it is necessary to enter phone number in the international format: the Code of the Country the Code of the City Customer address.

    Legal URL:

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