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    In his continuous struggle to discover an amusing method that would allow assessing the human knowledge, Professor Cintrivi has finally devised the perfect system: Cintrivial!
    Cintrivial is a questions and answers game that mixes the fun of the trivial, the Hangman and the crossword puzzle, all in one!

    Enter your nickname and strive to be the world player who is able to last longer on the conveyor!

    Do not think twice, download it and get on Professor Cintrivis conveyor.

    Show what you know!

    Game Mechanics:
    Professor Cintrivi will be giving you questions of different categories whose answers will be incomplete (partially or totally). Your aim will be to go completing them correctly before the time runs out so as to stay as long as possible on the conveyor, because if you fail, you will be getting closer to the abyss where a dangerous friend is waiting for you...

    Important: You should always write all the characters of the correct answer (even after using the wildcard +3 c). IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO USE THE SPACE TO GO FROM ONE WORD TO ANOTHER.

    To help you, the professor has developed three support systems:
    1. Wild Cards:
    +3c: Will show 3 hidden characters in the current answer. (Note: Once discovered you must write them with the rest of the word in order to complete it successfully).
    +15s: It will increase in 15 additional seconds your time to answer the current question.
    +Xr: Keeps the unused reversals in the position of the conveyor so you can use when you need them.

    2. Reversal in the position of the conveyor:
    It's a system that rewards your effort on the number of correct answers and where the correct answer to 2, 4, 8, 16, 32... (2 ^ X) questions, is rewarded with a reversal in the position of the conveyor.

    3. System of 'theft':
    If you get 6 consecutive right questions, you can accumulate 'thefts' that you can use to subtract to your opponents records.

    EN League (questions in English), ES League (questions in Spanish), FR League (questions in French), DE League (questions in German), IT League (questions in Italian) and PT League (questions in Portuguese)

    Questions categories:
    General knowledge (Red)
    Geography (Blue)
    Entertainment, Music, Film & TV (Pink)
    History (Yellow)
    Art & Literature (Brown)
    Science & Nature (Green)
    Leisure & Sport (Orange)

    Answer times:
    30, 25, 20, 12, 10 seconds.

    Answers for the reversal in the position of the conveyor:
    2, 4, 8, 16, 32... (2^X)

    English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese

    Marketplace Link:
    Cintrivial | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store


    Cintrivial Demo - YouTube

    More Info:
    Kazker: Apps and Games for Windows Phone!! (beta)

    You'll like it!!!
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