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    Hello All,

    We have just released our first Windows Phone game called "Arrival 3D".

    Arrival 3D is a top-down 3D shooter game featuring immersive gameplay, voice actors and beautifully rendered scenery.

    US Windows Phone Store link:

    Arrival 3D | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)


    YouTube Trailer:

    Listed below are a few of its highlights:

    -3D rendered animations for intro and cutscenes like you see on PC and Console Games

    -10 unique levels ranging from beautiful forests, deserts, and volcanoes to icy worlds,
    breathtaking space sceneries, and an amazing alien city

    -over 35 unique 3D ships

    -weather and special effects such as rain, snow, clouds, dust storms, 3D particle
    explosions, and light rays

    We just wanted to share this game with the great community at WPCentral.

    Thank you for your downloads!
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