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    What is Sim Trader? It's an app that allows you to trade stocks with virtual money, and compete against thousands of users globally!

    Welcome to the first official "Windows 8 Style" version of Sim Trader! Before it looked very similar to a desktop WPF app, now it is redesigned so your eyes don't hurt. The best part about this form of design is the fact that the content adapts to your screen, not the other way around.

    Let's start off with the most familiar part of Sim Trader. The marketplace. Over 2000 new Sim Trader users have seen these tiles before, and now it is even more awesome.

    The Marketplace

    You can already notice or anticipate a huge change. As you add more items, the size of the marketplace changes. Previously it was all stored in a list. Also notice that you can now visibly see the Refresh & Add a stock button.

    What happens when you click on a company? Let's find out.

    Stock Buying on the Marketplace

    Instead of a separate pane for all this information like in ST 1.1, you can see a new window open, with a back button to close. The reason for this change is to increase the font size, so all of us will not have trouble reading the text.

    As you scroll to the right, you get your familiar sections of Sim Trader: Your Stuff, The Leaderboards, and The Chat.

    "My Stuff", Leaderboards, Chat

    As per the marketplace, clicking on one of your stocks opens a similar window. Also, as you add stocks, the size of My Stocks increases.

    As you move down, you get to see the new infamous feature: Achievements.

    Your Achievements

    If you are coming from Sim Trader 1.0, Achievements were added so you can make money as you make money. Stock Market trading is hard, so achievements give you the "boost" you require.

    Weekly Challenge, Server Status, Time Line

    Near the end of the app, you get your Weekly Challenge, Server Status, and the Time Line. The Time Line is positioned at the end of the app because it doesn't look right in the middle.

    The Conclusion

    A lot of bugs from 1.1 are now fixed into 1.2. The best part of chat is that you communicate with other players, and this allowed me to spot every bug that exists.

    The best part of Sim Trader is the simple fact that it's free. Here it is for you to enjoy.


    • Over 15000 Public Companies with Real Quotes
    • Online Leaderboards
    • Virtual Trading
    • Stock News
    • Global Chat
    • Achievements
    • Shake to Refresh by enabling via AppBar
    • Live Tile
    • Compete against thousands of users

    Older Trailer

    Ranked #23 of Top Free Social Apps in US

    If anyone would like to review this app, please do so! I need your help to make this app the best experience possible!

    Thank you ;)

    This app will be coming to Windows Phone 8.
    11-11-2012 11:17 PM