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    UI Designer

    The Idea -I built the UI Designer in hopes of allowing anyone anywhere to design UI for the Windows Phone.

    The Functions -
    The UI Designer currently has 6 basic controls you can add, Text Boxes, Text Blocks, Buttons, Check Boxes, and Radio Buttons. You can customize various things about the control such as title and color of the control. The ultimate goal is to have every function available to users by the final update. We will also be developing a full blown YouTube curriculum along with it.

    The Trial -
    The trial includes a limit on the number of controls you can add to the page at one time, but allows you full access to the various customization options.

    The Paid Version -
    The paid version unlocks full access to all the controls.

    QR Code -

    Marketplace Link
    12-12-2012 01:42 PM

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