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    My 500px - Download
    My 500px Free - Download
    QR codes below

    Any feedback or suggestions, please contact mocapps@live.com

    The most complete 500px viewer for all your needs with upload directly to your 500px account.

    My 500px is a viewer for 500px website which will allow you to login, like and fave images. My 500px can be set to update your lock screen wallpaper automatically. My 500px also features "My Cycle Tile" a live tile which contains up to twenty 500px images YOU select to cycle thru.

    With My 500px you can view features by popular, fresh and upcoming and filter by categories and sorting. Adding comments to photos will be added soon and more features to follow!

    - Browse beautiful photos by features and categories.
    - App live tile will update with image from any feed of your choice!
    - My Cycle Tile: A unique live tile with up to 20 images of your choice!
    - Lock screen wallpaper - Automatically updates your lock screen wallpaper to feature/category/sort/user photos/user favorites/search you set every hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours!
    - Save images to your phone, email and share to facebook or twitter.
    - Upload photos directly from your phone!
    - Login to your 500px account
    - View your photos and favorites
    - View photos or favorites of users
    - Search by keyword, tag or username.
    - Image and data feed cached for quicker browsing. Cache deleted daily.
    - Follow/Unfollow users, Vote and Fave photos with your 500px account
    - Image detail with zoom in feature.

    v2.2.0 - 6/12/2013
    - Updated comments pivot with new format with user avatars.
    - Fixed Me Tile affection not updating
    - Bug fixes and enhancements

    v2.0 - 4/30/2013
    - New beautiful home page with tiles for main feeds and custom feed.
    - New set app live tile to any feature feed, search feed, or user's feed!
    - Code re-write for improved performance and fixes.
    - Cleaner image detail view.

    v1.4.6.0 - 4/10/2013
    - New image detail page with pivots for detail, comments, exif and map.

    v1.4.5.0 - 4/6/2013
    - Small update to fix exif data slide down in light theme.









    My 500px
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    My 500px Free
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    Version 1.1 is now available in the windows phone store.

    Version 1.1 adds some important changes to the user interface.

    Preview of version 1.2 which adds uploading feature!
    01-03-2013 07:55 PM
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    1.2 now available in windows phone store.

    v1.2 - 1/3/2013
    - Upload photos directly from your phone to your 500px account!
    - New settings to view 10 or 20 images per page and view photos in high resolution in view page.
    - Cycle tile limit increased to 20, 9 are loaded at a time and the background task will randomly select 9.
    - Updated settings page to use pivots for cleaner settings.
    - Bug fixes!
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    01-09-2013 02:20 AM
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    1.3 submitted to store -> Click here for a preview

    Update should be available next week. This is the last chance to get app at the price of .99 cents, new update puts the app at its regular price.

    v1.3 - 1/27/2013
    - Added exif photo information.
    - Added search by keyword, tag, username.
    - Added set locksscreen wallpaper in any view (feature/category/sort/user photos/user favorites/search).
    - View user's friends and followers.
    - Share photos via email, facebook or twitter.
    - Image view can now be viewed in landscape.
    - Bug fixes, performance enhancements and more.
    01-27-2013 04:12 PM
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    New update live now. Version 2.0! There is a bug that will be patched soon for the new home screen not loading cache correctly.

    See new screenshots in first post.

    v2.0 - 4/30/2013
    - New beautiful home page with tiles for main feeds and custom feed.
    - New set app live tile to any feature feed, search feed, or user's feed!
    - Code re-write for improved performance and fixes.
    - Cleaner image detail view.
    05-04-2013 11:22 AM
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    Version 2.1.0 is now live in the store and adds the following.

    v2.1.0 - 5/23/2013
    - Updated home screen tiles to hub tiles (animated tiles)
    - New simplified caching system (upgrades should re-install)
    - Added a little color to like and fave buttons.
    05-28-2013 02:07 PM
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    Version 2.2 now available, Free version is still in certification.

    v2.2.0 - 6/12/2013
    - Updated comments pivot with new format with user avatars.
    - Fixed Me Tile affection not updating.
    - Bug fixes and enhancements
    06-19-2013 09:53 AM
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    Version 2.3 available now. Paid and Free

    v2.3.0 - 7/7/2013
    - Fixed background task not updating every interval when live tile is used only and not wallpaper.
    - Fixed cache bug, please re-install app to clear out old cache files.
    - Other minor fixes.
    07-10-2013 01:20 PM
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    Version 2.4 submitted and will be available in new few days.

    v2.4 - 8/1/2013
    - Updated main app live tile to now cycle 9 images from the feed of your choice! Background task will update the cycle tile with a new image when it runs.
    - New hub tiles added for wallpaper and live tile.
    - Updated My Cycle Page / Live Tile list to allow viewing of images in lists and swipe left/right to remove from list.
    - Other minor fixes/updates.
    08-02-2013 11:20 PM
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    New version submitted, and should be available this week. This is the biggest update plus the app will be on sale for $1.49 to celebrate this update, price will update once the update is available.

    v2.5 - 8/31/2013

    - New View page is now continuous list with pull to refresh (tap header to return to top).
    - New Can now edit your photo details including adding/removing location.
    - New Photo comments are now continuous list with pull to refresh and only loaded when switching to comments pivot.
    - New user lists are now continuous list with pull to refresh.
    - New Can now view photos from people a user is following. Can set this view as live tile or wallpaper!
    - New Can now view/edit tags in photos and can click tags to search by tags.
    - New exif data in new html layout
    - New added sort options in search for tags and keywords
    - New added option to apply gradient to lockscreen, darkens lower section which makes calendar/notifications easier to read.
    - Trial no longer has any limitations but will display ads, same as FREE version.
    - Fixed bug in paging when images are nsfw, and added image filler.
    - Fixed hub tile not being removed for live tile when images are removed.
    - Misc aesthetic/performance updates and fixes.

    For more information on the update
    My 500px 2.5 – The biggest update + Sale | Moc Apps
    08-31-2013 03:49 PM
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    Latest update with share menu + developer uri schema.

    v2.6 - 10/6/2013
    - New Can now quickly upload your images from the Windows Phone Share menu.
    - New Added URI schema for developers to launch My 500px.
    - Fixed hub tile for live tile not displaying last image.
    - Fixed pull to refresh to disable set as livetile/lockscreen while loading.
    10-11-2013 12:42 AM
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    v2.7 - 11/14/2013
    - New live tile header feature, display photo name on tile.
    - As requested, when logged in can enable nsfw content.
    11-18-2013 09:00 PM
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    Latest updates, adds subscription levels on avatars (Plus, Awesome), fix for images squaring and other bug and visual fixes.

    - New user avatars now show subscription level (Plus, Awesome)
    - Renamed rating to pulse for consistency.
    - Minor bug fixes for home page tiles.
    - Minor aesthetic updates.

    - Fixed bug which resulted in images displaying as squares.
    - Fixed image margin in image detail.
    12-17-2013 10:49 AM
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    Latest update is available now with new lower price of 99 cents.

    - New View now displays a grid of images to browse
    - Big Performance enhancements and memory optimizations.
    - New As requested, setting to enable nsfw content on live tile and lock screen.
    - New My Cycle Tile now utilizes Header Tile setting.
    - New Live Tile system to generate images for tiles.
    - Bug fixes.

    More updates on the way including landscape support.
    12-31-2013 10:49 AM
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    New update adds new full screen viewing, landscape support and more.

    - New tap and hold to switch from grid view to full screen with like, fave, share, save actions.
    - New Landscape support
    - View page updated and tap on header is back.
    - Updated profile page.
    - Various bug fixes.
    01-09-2014 10:25 PM
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    New update available now

    - Added setting to use large view (old way)
    - Return to grid view from full screen now moves last seen image into view
    - Added pulse rating to full screen overlay.
    - Fixed bug that disabled details button in full screen
    01-16-2014 09:18 AM
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    My 500px v2.8.7 - Free version update should be available soon as well.

    - New setting for lockscreen wallpaper header which displays photo name and username.
    - Higher quality images.
    - Fixed issues with live tile.
    - Other bug fixes and optimizations.
    01-28-2014 02:02 PM

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