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    Please allow us to introduce you our application for Windows Phone users - the Poker Guide.

    Poker Guide - Your ultimate guide to the fascinating world of poker. Its small, Its fast and Its friendly.

    Application main features: Poker Hands, Poker Rules, Poker Terms, Poker Tips, Starting Hand Chart, Blind Timer

    Poker Hands is an official poker hand rank in order from best to worst. There are many different forms of poker but most form 5 cards and use the same hand rankings. Royal Flush is the highest. High Card is the lowest. These hand rankings are common to many types of poker including: Texas Holdem - the most popular one, Seven card Stud, Omaha, Draw Poker... and many more.
    Clicking on a hand displays a short description of the hand, and an animated example of it.

    Poker Rules screen displays three poker game rules for you choice: Texas Holdem, Omaha or Five Card Draw. Some basic terms have links to Poker Terms screen, where player can read a explanation of it.

    Poker Terms screen explain basic poker terms in alphabetical order.

    Poker Tips are divided into three levels: beginner, advanced and pro. Each tip will provide you with the useful information, helping you to play better.

    Starting Hand Chart shows you which hands you should play and how you should play them.

    The Blind Timer helps you organize your next Poker Home Game. Its easily adjustable with just a few taps on the screen.
    - pause, jump to next or previous round
    - time remaining in round
    - adjustable starting blinds and round time
    - visual animation and sound warnings

    The Poker Guide will be useful both for skilled and new to the game players.

    main.png hands.png
    hands_descr.png timer.png
    timer_settings.png terms_letter.png
    terms.png shc.jpg

    You can download FREE version from WindowsPhone Marketplace. Paid version with full functionality HERE.

    If you have anything, youd like to see in this app, please, dont hesitate to contact us and tell your opinion! Your feedback is important to us - help us help you! :)

    OSH Mobile LLC
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    01-24-2013 05:59 AM
  2. martinmc78's Avatar
    Downloaded the trial and had a look - Its pretty good - Will be getting the paid version shortly. One little suggestion could you add in a pot odds calculator? Not sure how awkward it would be but something taking into account pot size, starting hand ,cards on the table at flop, turn and river.
    01-24-2013 06:15 AM
  3. OSHMobile's Avatar
    Thank you for feedback.
    Yes, We are planning to add the "podd odds calculator" and some other features in future.
    01-24-2013 06:32 AM
  4. martinmc78's Avatar
    Excellent - look forward to the future updates.
    01-24-2013 06:37 AM

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