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    After years of heavy wars a warrior returns to his lord and says:
    - General Maximus, I have visited our enemies to the east where I have been burning villages, stealing valuables, animals and food, enslaving people and robbing traders
    - Wait a second We dont have any enemies to the east.
    - I am sure now we have

    If you ever wanted to play a good strategy game, something still rare on Windows Marketplace, let me introduce Quintus Revenge, a game for Windows Phones, in which you may forget even about drinking your daily coffee. The game transfers you to the times of Roman Empire when anything could happen. Lead your people to victory in this strategy game full of adventures and beautiful handmade graphics.
    Check Marketplace || Quintus Revenge for app details, you may also like to visit game page first at http://quintusrevenge.com
    Note that trail version consist of 3 levels only.

    Have fun :)
    01-30-2013 10:01 AM

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