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    A new application is born : LockAgenda .

    This is an application that displays on your lockscreen your next appointment. The image is updated every 30 minutes.
    The application was designed to be Clean, Simple and Effective.

    Personalize your lock screen into 4 stages:
    1) Set lockAgenda as lockscreen
    2) Select a background image
    3) Choose a Display Type
    4) Update the image (optional)

    ------ Display Type ------
    The next 3-4 appointments to come
    Graphical view of the next 2 weeks and 2 upcoming appointments

    ------ Setup ------
    Filter all day appointments
    Filter private appointments
    Select the first day of the week between Sunday and Monday
    Filter accounts to display

    You also have access to a preview of the image that will be generated by LockAgenda

    For the launching peridod,until Monday, February 18, the application is free. Enjoy it now

    You can download the app through this link or with this QR Code :

    Good use
    Below, you can find some screenshot of the app

    02-14-2013 08:44 AM

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